Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Pure Romance?

A:  We are in an in-home party plan, that specializes in relationship enhancement products.      
      We put the "O" into Romance!

Q:  Do I have to host a party to place an order?

A:  No,you can order at anytime from the privacy of your home 24/7 on the web or simply          
      call me at (317) 370-0872.

Q: Is there a cost to host a party?

A:  No, It is absolutely free and, you will earn FREE Pure Romance products for getting your     
     friends and family together for a ladies night in!

Q: How old do I have to be to host a party?

A: At least 18.

Q:  Are men allowed at the parties?

A:  No, our parties are for ladies only but their partners will enjoy the benefits!

Q: What does it cost to become a  Pure Romance Consultant?

A:  We have kits available from $250 to $1,000. We also offer kit specials frequently!

Q:  How much money can I make?

A:   As a Consultant, you can easily earn $300-$600 a party! Whether you're a struggling           
       college student or an everyday housewife, you can make the kind of money that is              
       sure to enhance your lifestyle.

Q: Do I have to do so many parties in a certain amount of time or each sales quotas?

A:  Upon purchasing your starter kit, you will have 60 days to place a $250 retail order to           
      achieve a "qualified" status. In order to remain an active consultant, you must place an       
      order every 60 days, this order can be a minimal $10. So you see, the sky is the limit!           
     You make of your business what you choose. You are your own boss!