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Party Ideas
There are literally hundreds of different ways to add
your own creative touch to hosting a Pure Romance
party. Below are just some of the more popular party
themes we highly recommend!

Bachelorette Bash
By nature, bachelorette parties seem to serve as the
last call for the bride-to-be to live it up before she
ties the knot! So why not serve her up right. Instead
of maxing out her gift registry why not throw her a
party - and let her get the gifts that she wouldn't dare
register for.

Suddenly Single
It's a party to celebrate her new beginning. At this
party we have the perfect "man" for anyone; we call
him B.O.B., our battery-operated boyfriend. The only
thing he doesn't do is pay for dinner! At a Pure
Romance party no one ever has to leave "single".

Office Party
Last year's company outing to the bowling alley just
took second place to this year's Pure Romance party!

You have just received the new title of Pure
Romance Office Party Coordinator and can expect to
cash in on 10% of the party sales. For example, if your
frisky little officemates purchase $500 in products,
you will receive a $50 credit towards your order.
You'll no longer be wondering who stole your stapler,
now you'll be asking who took your Silver Bullet!

Birthday Bash
A Pure Romance party is the easiest way to throw a
birthday party! Whether she is celebrating her 21st
birthday or 50th birthday, Pure Romance will help her
mark any milestone! This is a birthday party she will
remember forever. A Pure Romance Consultant will
come to your home and do all the entertaining for
you. Everyone can do the shopping for the birthday
girl and themselves the night of the party!

Seasonal-themed parties
Break out the mistletoe, eggnog and bedroom toys -
this holiday party will leave you wondering whether to
be naughty or nice! Or why not have the sexiest
Halloween costume party on the block. Dress up as a
sexy nurse or doctor; after all, your Pure Romance
party promises to be just what the love doctor
10 Great Reasons to Host a Pure
Romance Party
1. Where else can you taste, smell
and touch before purchasing?

2. It's Ladies Only! You don't have
to drag your man shopping with

3. Your girlfriends will pay for your
shopping spree!

4. You and your friends haven't
giggled this much since "the talk"
in middle school.

5. How else can you win amazing
prizes just for hanging with your

6. You haven't seen your girls
since Britney Spears was a sex

7. You can get in touch with your
inner bad girl with a very "good
girl image" company!

8. A couple of hours kids & hubby
free? We know what you're
thinking...Sign me up!

9. You and your friends' partners
will be singing your praises.

10. You'll finally get some romantic
tips that don't involve steamy
paperback novels.
Let the guys have their poker
night, this month get together with
the girls and have your own party,
a Pure Romance party!

Free Gifts
As a Hostess, you will receive 10%
of your total party sales to use
toward your favorite Pure
Romance products. You can also
earn a free Hostess gift just for
having the party!

When you're making your list of
who to invite, remember, the more
people you invite to your party, the
more sales you can accumulate.
How does this affect you? In a
nutshell, more sales equals MORE
free product for you